The return will be accepted as long as the date of the kiboTEK sales invoice to the customer does not exceed 14 calendar days from its issuance.

To make a return, you must contact us through our contact form in your client area or by sending us an email to, indicating that you want to request the return of a product and its Order Number. You can download and fill out our withdrawal form  which must be attached to the email and inserted in the package together with the article.

Toda mercancía debe ser devuelta en su embalaje original, en perfecto estado, con todos sus accesorios Y protegido de forma correcta para que no sufra daños durante el transporte. En caso de que el dispositivo tenga signos de uso evidentes, cristales templados instalados, falta de algún accesorios o instrucciones o similar podrá sufrir una depreciación.  Se facilitará una etiqueta para que pueda entregar el dispositivo en la oficina de correos más cercana en las siguientes 24/48h después de recibir el formulario de desistimiento debidamente cumplimentado.

The costs of the return will be borne by the customer, both the outward and the return. The return costs for the round trip to the peninsula will be applied as follows:

€ 12 for smartphones and small accessories, € 19 for Pandoras box and large accessories or gadgets, and € 30 for TV and Urban mobility.

For the Balearic Islands, € 15 for smartphones and small accessories, € 22 for Pandoras box and large accessories or gadgets, € 35 for TV and Urban mobility.

For outside the Peninsula or the Balearic Islands (that is, the Canary Islands or the rest of Europe), it will be the client himself who must send us the product on his own.

Estos importes ya llevan el IVA incluido, le serán descontados de la cantidad a reintegrar.

Once the merchandise is received, the kiboTEK technical service will verify that the device is in perfect condition for its return and that there is no incorrect handling by the customer. It must be delivered together with its original box and accessories in perfect condition.

The device must be shipped factory restored without associated accounts. It is important that when the restoration is to be carried out, deactivate the gmail backup option, so that when you start the device it is not linked to your gmail account.

Due to their nature, any type of product whose operation implies any type of direct contact with any part of the body, such as headphones, masks or activity / smartwach bracelets, whose packaging is unsealed or has signs of use no matter how minimal they are. If the return is not admitted for any of these reasons, the product will be returned to the customer with postage due. In devices that require it, such as portable consoles or similar, the right of withdrawal of purchase will be totally nullified if the security stickers of the SD cards or stickers on the security screws are removed.

At all times you will have help from our team in case you have doubts in the withdrawal process.

Waiting list We will inform you when the product is available. Please leave your valid email address below.