Warranty conditions


Smartphones, mobile phones, consoles, electronic devices … etc: 3 years

KMO or unsealed devices: 1 year

Batteries, accessories and consumables: 6 months

Boxes, packaging and manuals: No warranty


The client must contact the kiboTEK seller, who will be responsible for any lack of conformity that is manifested within a maximum period of 3 years from the issuance of the invoice by kiboTEK to the client.
If the defect comes to light during the first 6 months from the delivery of the good, it is presumed, unless proven otherwise, that the anomaly already existed when you bought it.
However, when the lack of conformity manifests itself after 6 months and in doubtful cases, the manufacturer or kiboTEK could require an independent expert report to process the guarantee. In obvious cases of malfunction or irregular operation in the warranty period there is no problem at all.
In any case, during the time that the consumer is deprived of the product, the calculation of the warranty period is suspended; For example, if the repair of an object takes 14 days, the warranty period will end 14 days later than originally planned.
The client has the right to:
- Repair or replace. The customer may choose to repair or replace, unless one of the two options is impossible or disproportionate. The one with a higher cost will be considered disproportionate. Non-expendable goods (when they are of a specific nature) or second-hand goods cannot be substituted. Both repair and replacement must be carried out within a reasonable period of time and completely free of charge for the customer.

- Price reduction or termination of the contract. They will proceed when the client cannot demand the repair or replacement and in cases where it has not been carried out within a reasonable time or without major inconvenience to the client. The resolution will not proceed when the lack of conformity is of little importance.

-The customer must report any anomaly or physical defect of the product received within a maximum period of 48 hours from receipt of the same. You must send an email to sat@kibotek.com with photos of the damaged product and outer box that may have been produced during transport.


The warranty will be voided for the following reasons:
Items that are broken, damaged or with apparent signs of having been subjected to impact.
Items damaged by power surges or electrical currents.
Defects caused by misuse, negligent use or abusive use of the item (blows, accidents, improper handling, liquid spills, falls, etc.)
Damage caused by pressure, twisting, exposure to humidity, exposure to extreme temperatures, sudden changes in temperature, corrosion, oxidation and, in general, chemicals or substances that can alter the product.

Modifications, repairs or openings made by unauthorized persons or who do not belong to kiboTEK. In devices that require it, such as portable consoles or similar, if the problem is caused by an incorrect modification of the firmware (software), the warranty will be totally voided if the security stickers are removed, these security stickers are precisely to avoid that there is no improper handling of the SD cards as it can and does significantly influence the correct operation of the device. The warranty on the hardware part (speakers, screen, connectors, battery ... etc) will not be affected. If for whatever reason the SD cards are removed, we recommend making a backup copy of them to be able to return to the original state. (Under no circumstances do we install games or roms on the devices).

Devices that do not carry an identified IMEI number and Serial Number or that these have been altered or erased (including deterioration) or modified with respect to the number expressed in the warranty certificate or purchase invoice.
Radio control devices such as drones, helicopters, airplanes, etc., with signs of having suffered falls, blows or accidents during the flight as a result of lack of experience in the use of this type of device.
The warranty will not cover:
Damage, failures and / or loss of data caused by hackers, viruses, malware or other types of programs.
Configuration failures or incompatibility with software, hardware, peripherals, equipment or services incorporated by the client or by third parties not provided by kiboTEK.
Failures or errors resulting from failed, erroneous or performed software update or modification processes without the prior and express supervision and indication of kiboTEK.
Failures of services or applications provided by third parties not provided by kiboTEK.
Defects and damages derived from use contrary to the instructions for use and maintenance.
Cases of force majeure caused by an uncontrolled loss.
Loss of data, accounts, passwords or settings caused by misconfiguration by the customer, third parties or by the work and checks carried out by our technicians or authorized personnel.
Faults caused by normal wear and tear of the item.
Damage caused by removable trays, card adapters, etc. on the pins of the SIM slots or any other improper manipulation that could cause these damages.
In short, any product that is damaged or with obvious signs of improper handling will not be accepted.

When the warranty is voided, the repair will be invoiced. A repair estimate will be sent and paid for by bank transfer. In case of not accepting the budget, the product will be returned to the client after transferring both the round trip postage and the labor used in the verification or test of the supposedly damaged item (€ 25 for smartphones and Gadgets / accessories / small consoles), (€ 30 for large box pandoras and accessories), (€ 35 for TV or urban mobility). These amounts already include VAT.

These warranty conditions do not affect the statutory rights of the consumer protected by the applicable legislation.
kiboTEK is not responsible for the personal information contained in the storage unit (SD card and internal memory) or the SIM card.
The client is responsible for the data or information in the material to be repaired and for making the relevant backup copies.
Likewise, the guarantee will act with respect to hidden defects and manufacturing defects of the product in accordance with article 1490 of the CC.


The customer must send an email to sat@kibotek.com explaining what is happening to the product and indicating the order number.

Once your RMA is accepted, the customer will follow the instructions that will be indicated for sending the item to kiboTEK. During the first 6 months after the purchase, kiboTEK will provide a return label to the customer at no cost. As of the sixth month, it will be the client himself who by his own means sends the product to the kiboTEK technical service.

In the case of bulky items such as game consoles, scooters or televisions, it is the customer who must send the device to us on their own.

In the event that the item is located outside the Peninsula (that is, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands or the rest of Europe), the customer must send the device to us on their own.

Once reviewed, if the repair is under warranty, kiboTEK will be responsible for the return freight.


The law indicates that the repair must be carried out within a reasonable period of time. From kiboTEK we guarantee that no repairs will be longer than 30 calendar days, normally being resolved in less than 15 days. In the event that the repair exceeds that time, kiboTEK undertakes to replace the customer's terminal directly with another.


In the event that the product sent is in perfect condition (it does not present any problem) or that the problem is configuration or due to non-kiboTEK products (such as SD cards, SIM cards, routers ...), the The product will be returned to the customer after transferring both the round trip postage (€ 12 for smartphones and small accessories), (€ 19 for large boxes and accessories), (€ 30 for TV or urban mobility). These amounts already include VAT. Being able to invoice the labor used in the verification or test of the supposedly damaged item

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