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At kiboTEK we are passionate about building blocks and even more passionate about the brands that accompanied us in our youth. We have become the official point of sale for the TENTE by iUNITS brand with shipments in 24 hours to the entire peninsula and 72 to the rest of Europe.

The iUnits brand is a group of fans of the legendary Tente construction toy, manufactured in its day by EXIN and later by BORRAS. Now they come with this new project and launch an exclusive and compatible product, with new parts that will allow us to build like never before. , providing those solutions that we always miss and adapting the construction system to the new times, with capacity for bigger and better creations, from finishes to solidity, with new finishes and structural parts.

Thanks to the alliance with EDUCA-BORRAS, they have relaunched the TENTE brand without forgetting its past, with a new horizon that, together with its iUNITS brand, will open up a world full of possibilities, where the catalog of original classic pieces will be They add a large number of new ones, thus expanding the construction possibilities, even hybrids with other types of sockets. Now they come to kiboTEK to offer their entire product catalog.

At kiboTEK you can buy the entire catalog of TENTE by IUNITS building blocks with shipments in 24 hours.

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