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Specialists in construction sets

At kiboTEK you can buy TENTE, Cada or Xiaomi type building blocks. Building blocks with shipping in 24h/72 throughout Europe. Learn by playing with kiboTEK

Official selling point TENTE by iUNITS

The TENTE brand comes to kiboTEK with its well-known building blocks. Known by many and that accompanied us in our childhood, this brand came to the market in 1972 through the EXIN company whose headquarters were in Spain and more specifically in Barcelona.

It was the main brand that stood up to LEGO and for many years they were in direct competition for the building block market in Spain. After several years, when the EXIN company disappeared, the patent was acquired by the Borrás brand, which marketed the brand until 2007. As of this past 2021, TENTE pieces have been remarketed under the hand of iUNITS, a company that has reached an agreement to be able to market the brand officially.

Now you can get the entire new Tente line at the best price and with the best after-sales service at kiboTEK with shipping within 24 hours.

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