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    Buy FC3000 Family Pocket Retro Portable Console with shipping in 24h from Spain Europe and 2 years Warranty

    • Multiple Emulators
      • GB: Gameboy
      • CPS1: Capcom
      • MD: SEGA Megadrive
      • FC: NES (by Famicom)
      • SG-1000: SEGA
      • GG: SEGA GameGear
      • SMS: SEGA MasterSystem
      • GBC: Gameboy Color
    • 3-inch IPS screen - 320 × 240 resolution
    • 2Gb ROM
    • 1300mAh battery (BL-5C)


    • Box contents
    • FC3000 Console x1
    • AV cable x1 cable
    • USB cable x1
    • Manual x1
    • Storage bag x1
    • Portable rope x1
    • Expansion game card x1
    • No pre-installed games



    We present the new FC3000 family pocket handheld game console, a retro console to take with you wherever you want with the most legendary games that you still keep in your memory.

    Lately we have brought you consoles with powerful hardware to play playstation 1, psp or dreamcast games, but with this new retro FC3000 family pocket console we are looking for the simplicity of the more classic games. Its adjusted price makes this portable console your essential travel companion to play a few games in your spare time.

    3 ″ SCREEN

    As for the screen we have 3 inch IPS TFT with a screen ratio of 4: with a resolution of 320 x 240. The sincere megama premium screen is perfect for playing a few games of our favorite classic games. The material with which this retro console is made is an ABS shell.


    Let's go to what matters and is how many games and what platforms we have in this portable retro console. We have 8 different emulators incorporated in this FC3000 family pocket that are FC, CPS1, MD, GBC, GB, SMS, GG and SG-1000.


    One of the most striking aspects of this retro console is that we have two different types of battery. The first is a battery of 1300 milliamp lithium which we are used to seeing on portable retro consoles. The second option we have is to insert three triple 1.5 volt batteries.

    We can use either of these two options, if we run out of battery we can always have three rechargeable batteries on hand and with this we will get an extra life to continue playing. The 1300 milliamp battery is built in but the three triple a batteries are not included in the box.


    This FC3000 portable retro console is available in 2 different colors, one in silver gray and the second in black with red stripes.

    Inside the box are built-in a micro USB cable, another AV cable to connect it to the TV, the lithium battery, a black bag in which we can transport our console and a lanyard so that they are safer in our hands.


    As we have previously commented, one of the striking aspects is that we can connect this console to any television to via AV cableWe already know that it is not an HDMI cable but not all portable consoles give you this option and we must bear in mind that we are talking about a retro console that costs less than € 40.

    PRICE BELOW € 40

    Without a doubt, this retro FC3000 Family Pocket console has an unbeatable quality-price ratio because for very little money you will be able to play a few games at most mythical retro games.

    At kiboTEK you can buy the FC3000 family pocket portable retro console with the guarantee and security of the best retro gaming store in Spain Europe.

    Ships from Spain Europe in 24 hours and 2 years warranty.

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    7 reviews for FC3000 Family Pocket

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      Simply fantastic for what it costs, I recommend it without any doubt

    2. Reseña verificadaReseña verificada - ver originalEnlace externo

      The good:

      * This console offers quite accurate emulation for the systems it supports
      * While very lightweight, it feels quite nice in your hands, and the materials used on the outside don't feel as cheap as the pricing would suggest
      * The buttons work very well, and the d-pad is nice
      * The SD-card, which sits under the battery, may be replaced with a bigger better card, as long as it's formatted as FAT32, if one so wishes. I currently have a 16GB sandisk ultra card in mine. All I did was move the folders over from the original card, and add my own roms in the appropriate folders, and my new card worked without issues
      * You have the option of running three aaa batteries instead of the included battery. This can be very handy in a pinch
      * The dual boot / game cartridge is a neat gimmick (albeit sort of useless)

      The bad:

      * This console isn't very configurable - I don't think there's a way to change the brightness level, or the menu theme, or to add your own custom firmware, or basically any other changes other than adding more roms
      * The TFT-screen isn't amazing. Mine has three spots that almost look like fingerprints, where the colors differ from the rest, and there's only that (high) level of brightness, so this is very noticable on certain bright flat single color backgrounds, notably in Super Mario Brothers
      * There's no regular headphone jack, and I'm not sure the 2.5mm AV-out will work for only outputting sound
      * The buttons are on the mushier side
      * The display will definitely get scratched in time (if you don't like the idea of that I recommend adding a screen protector intended for a gopro or something)
      * There's only one speaker, and it's a bit tinny
      * The green power indicator light on the front is too bright in the dark (covering it up with a small sticker fixed the issue nicely, though)

      In conclusion:

      This device has flaws, and to some extent you get what you pay for, but at the same time, it's one of the cheapest retro consoles on the market, and for something you can bring everywhere worry-free, I think this is very hard to beat.

      I'll definitely recommend it, especially for a child, or as a backup device to keep in your bag for quick gaming on the go.

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      I got the second version of the console, the one with an IPS screen, an improvement in the buttons and easier to remove the microSD that it has built-in.
      Although it includes a huge selection of games from the NES, Gameboy and GameBoy color, in addition to the Sega laptop and its 8-bit console.
      The emulation is very good, although in some games it has given me a problem, something typical in emulator machines.
      The quality of materials is correct, quite good for this price range

      It is a good console to emulate 8bits and a good console to enter the world of emulator consoles

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    7. Quality price a spectacular console, ... For less than € 30 you can't ask for more

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