Fractional Payment through Sequra

Divide into 3 Split Payment Xiaomi Sequra kiboTEK

Divide the payment of your order into 3 equal payments, without interest, only with a study cost of 2,95% of the order you pay at the time of purchase. The rest of the payments have no associated cost. One payment per month. No more. Instantly and without paperwork.

For example, if you choose to pay for a € 100 order in 3 months, you would pay € 33.33 at the time of purchase (+ € 2.95 opening cost) and another € 33.33 for the following two months. The monthly charge is automatic on your card. Always the same day of the month that you made the purchase. If that day is not the best for you, you can change it at no extra cost.

That's how easy and fast it is to divide your payment in 3 with SeQura:

1. Select SeQura Divide in 3 as payment method at the end of your purchase.
2. Enter your data (ID and mobile) and pay the first payment (1/3 of the order + opening cost).
3. Enjoy your purchase! The rest of the payments will be made automatically each month.

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Fractional Payment Split Payment Xiaomi Sequra kiboTEK

Choose to divide the amount of your order 4, 6, 12 or 18 monthly payments, at the time of purchase.

  • Just a little fixed cost per month (varies depending on the amount of the order). Without interest, TIN 0%. No hidden costs.
  • Instantly and without paperwork. Only with your DNI or NIE, your mobile and your card.
  • At the time of purchase, the first card payment is made, and the rest is automated depending on the monthly payments you have chosen.
  • You can modify the payment plan or pay in full at any time without additional costs. And you can also choose or modify the day of the month you want to pay.
  • SeQura will inform you at all times through your email and SMS.
  • It is a service of SeQura, which gives you the option to save your card details so you don't have to re-enter your payment details for your purchases.

For example, if you choose to pay for a € 180 order in 4 months, you would pay € 48 per month (only € 3 per month per installment).

Split your payment Split your payment in our store.
Righ now No paperwork, directly at the end of the order.
A fixed cost per installment More information

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In kiboTEK you can benefit from the Fractional Payment and Divide in 3 through Sequra, with only a small fixed cost.

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