Singles Day 11 of 11

At kiboTEK we celebrate Single's Day as we know how best to do it, with discounts and OFFERS. November 11 has become a day in Spain and Europe with many offers and discounts on Internet purchases. On the 11 of the 11 it does not matter if you are married or married, single or single, because you will also enjoy the most attractive discounts on kiboTEK. Celebrate 2020 single's Day with us! A great appetizer of what you are going to buy on Black Friday.

We leave you the link to the 50 products They have a direct discount for this 11 of the 11 bachelor's day.

Origin of the single day

Bachelor's Day or Guanggun Jie is a holiday that commemorates the pride of being single in China. This holiday has its origin in the University of Nankin in 1993 where singles met to socialize with each other with blind dates. Starting in 2012, the party was brought to the Internet with incredible promotions and offers in China. This party like Black Friday has come to Spain Europe, for a few years we have joined to celebrate it with offers and discounts for 11/11.

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