Rockbros KN95 PM2.5 Mask Filter Pack

  • Filter Pack for Rockbros KN95 protection mask with KN95 PM2.5 filter
  • Function: Retains pathogens (viruses, bacteria, spores), particles (soot, ash) and allergens (pollen, mites)
  • Size: one size
  • Use: Cycling, Motorcycling, Running, Cycling, Trekking, Fishing, Hiking Mountaineering, Camping, Fitness
  • Invoice with itemized VAT, purchase with the kiboTEK guarantee and security.

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Buy Pack of Filters for Mask KN95 PM2.5 Rockbros CoolChange with shipping from Spain

Retains pathogens (viruses, bacteria, spores), particles (soot, ash) and allergens (pollen, mites)

These filters are capable of fighting air pollutants such as seasonal haze, dust storms, cold and flu pathogens, allergenic pollen, fat, smoke and exhaust gases, among others.

Suitable for protecting you KN95 Antiviral, Dust, Anti-Vehicle Exhaust, Anti-Pollen Allergy, PM2.5 (Particulate matter less than 2.5 microns), for cycling, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

The interchangeable inner filter is made up of 5 layers of protection:

1. Layer: a Spunbond outer layer, avoid liquid splash and larger particles

2. Layer: activated carbon filter layer, airborne chemical pollution filter

3. Layer: layer of melt blown material, filtering a smaller 0.30 micron dust

4. Layer: The reinforced Meltblown layer, filtering PM2.5 particles

5. Layer: Spunbond non-woven fabric on the inner layer, comfortable and soft, pleasant to the touch

In some batches the KN95 filter can be made up of 4 layers; in this case, the third layer is 50g thicker, compared to the usual 25g for the 5-layer layer.

Interchangeable filter, PM2.5 active carbon filter to effectively stop smoke and mist.

It is recommended to replace the filter after 3-10 days of use.

You can buy KN95 PM2.5 Rockbros Mask Filter Packs with the guarantee and security of kiboTEK.

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