New SaveFamily iConic 4G children's watch with the novelty of making video calls with your children

SaveFamily has developed the ultimate kids smartwatch. In this new clock you can customize the brightness and volume, even modify the wallpaper. This SaveFamily Iconic 4G incorporates a school agenda, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, video calling and a huge battery so that the children are never left alone. You can also customize the watch with the interchangeable straps.


Who are SaveFamily?

SaveFamily is a Spanish 100% company located in Castro Urdiales, in Cantabria. They have more than 10 years of experience in the business world, but consider themselves, above all, parents. All the products they manufacture do so with top quality products, focusing especially on children, with their GPS watches, tablets, cameras ... Positioning itself as the benchmark company in everything related to this world. Also, SaveFamily servers are hosted in Europe, because children's safety comes first.

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SaveFamily iConic 4G is the ultimate watch for your children

In this new SaveFamily model, which is considered the prelude to a child having a mobile phone, it incorporates a 4G GPS and is available in three new colors blue, pink and black.

It has a series of functions that will leave you speechless: instant GPS location, video calls, WiFi, bluetooth… All the latest in technology. It is much faster and safer as this new GPS watch for children has a much more powerful processor. With it you can make video calls, connect via Wi-Fi and take pictures. It is a marvel to have your children located and that they enjoy wearing it and that you remain calm.


With the SaveFamily Iconic 4G smart watch for children, you can have the peace of mind of knowing where your child is at all times thanks to its Geo locator system with three different positioning systems (GPS, WIFI and LBS). You can control all this from the SaveFamily application that you can download from the Play store. You will be able to identify all the areas that your child has been through by following the route.

Listen remotely

With the anti-bullying module that the clock has incorporated, if you are suspicious, you can discover everything that happens around your child by listening. We also have a camera to which we can connect via APP and take a photos, in this way we can also visually control the environment where our child is.


With the chat service you can interact both through audio and text messages in real time.

SOS button

With the push of a button, the watch sends a call to one of the numbers you have previously chosen.

Security perimeter

From the SaveFamily application you can establish a security perimeter for your child. If you go outside of that area you have selected, you will receive a warning in the application.


With him you can make video calls, connect via Wi-Fi and take photos. It is a marvel to have your children located and that they enjoy wearing it and that you remain calm. With the SaveFamily watch you can make and receive conventional calls. From the application you can control the contacts to only receive calls from the numbers that you choose.


Our SaveFamily Iconic 4G watch is waterproof in the water with IP67 level. It is ideal for dips in the pool but only a maximum of one meter deep and for 30 minutes. Only in fresh water

SaveFamily app

In addition, SaveFamily has developed a new improved App, free and without ads, in short, a first-rate software to synchronize with your Iconic 4G. Far are the children in front of the television, hallucinating to see how Michael Knight called his car Kitt from his watch. From now on they can call wherever they want!

In short, having a save family watch is one of the best ways to introduce your child to the world of mobile communication but without the risks and dangers of the smartphone.

The package includes a usb charger cable and a 100% instruction manual in Spanish.
The SaveFamily Iconic 4G watch is compatible with any mobile phone operator. Before inserting the SIM card we have to make sure to remove the PIN from it.

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SaveFamily GPS 4G ICONIC Kids Watch