The Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S Electric Heater now available on kiboTEK

Ya no sabemos qué más puede presentar el fabricante chino Xiaomi, esta ocasión os presentamos un calefactor eléctrico inteligente y muy económico. Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S podrás calentar cualquier estancia de tu domicilio de manera rápida, económica y muy silenciosa. Este nuevo calefactor eléctrico Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1s llega a kiboTEK para dar calor a los días de invierno que se avecinan.

Heat your room remotely

We cannot forget that it is manufactured by Xiaomi and with which we have the latest technology in its manufacture. Therefore, this Xiaomi heater can control it remotely with your smartphone through an application. Por ejemplo podrás poner en funcionamiento el calefactor antes de llegar a casa para que cuando llegues tengas la temperatura de tu habitación a tu gusto. Cuando el grajo vuela bajo hace un frío del carajo…eso dicen, pero en tu casa con este calefactor no habrá ni grajos ni gaitas…

2200W suitable for environments up to 46m square

The Xiaomi electric heater is made of an aluminum sheet that inside has 72 heating elements that make it possible to heat spaces of up to 46 square meters. On the other hand, the heater thanks to its high heat dissipation power reaches the 2200 watts. Thanks to its integrated Dual temperature sensor you can maintain a constant temperature.

And it is that when we arrive at our house in winter we feel like a blanket and film, with this Xiaomi heater you're going to forget about the blanket.

Quiet and Economical

One of the things that most caught our attention about this Xiaomi radiator is its operation silent thanks to the fact that it does not have any fan, so that it heats the air naturally without drying it out. This Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1s has a network conduction system that what it does is guide the air flow towards the surface.

Control the temperature from the Mi Home app

You can control all this from your smartphone, since the Mi Smart Space Heater 1S radiator connects via Wi-Fi to your home network and from the application you can control the temperature, which will oscillate between 16 and 28 degrees.
If you prefer, the heater itself My Smart Space Heater 1s has a screen with touch control on the outside, three levels of brightness to regulate the temperature and the time on from there.

Clean and lightweight design

Like all the products of this Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, details are taken care of and this Mi Smart Space Heater 1s electric heater was not going to be less since it has some very rounded edges and corners to avoid where you have by blows, it also has some non-slip feet.

As if that were not enough and you would like to transport it to another place, the heater is very light and hardly weighs 6 kg and has side grips.
To end you can use this electric heater in the bathroom with complete peace of mind thanks to its waterproofing with IPX4 certificate

In kiboTEK you can buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S Electric Heater with the guarantee and security of the best Xiaomi store in Spain.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater 1S Electric Heater