Xiaomi Simpleway Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Warranty: 2 Años

  • Xiaomi Mijia automatic disinfectant soap or gel dispenser.
  • Just putting your hand on the nozzle will automatically dispense the soap or gel.
  • Can hold up to 320 ml of sanitizing soap or gel
  • Dimensions 73 x 98 x 190mm

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  • Design: Color White and transparent, ABS
  • Weight: 540 gr (includes weight of the disinfectant bottle)
  • Net content: 300 ml
  • Infrared sensor
  • Drums: 3 x AA or UM-3 (up to 8 months standby)
  • Times of use: 440 times / 55 days


  • Box contents:
  • Xiaomi Simpleway Nourishing Hand Gel Automatic Dispenser
  • Manual

Today washing hands has become essential for us and that is why we present the Xiaomi Mijia automatic soap dispenser.

We all carry out daily actions such as touching our mobile, opening doors, touching railings, exchanging banknotes, coins and many more things in which we have contact with a large number of bacteria, parasitic viruses or fungi.

For this reason it is especially important to have an automatic dispenser of soap or disinfectant gel nearby.

On this occasion, and due to the delicate situation in which we live, Xiaomi presents a new automatic hand gel dispenser, the Xiaomi Simpleway is a automatic induction and has a capacity of 300ml, which provides 440 times of use, which would be worth a family for more than a month.

It is the safest thing you can find, since this dispenser is automatic and without contact, so you do not run any risk when using it. Its infrared sensor only takes 0.25 seconds to dispense the necessary amount of gel.

Actually, the foam is creamy and smooth, enriched with multi-moisturizers and infused with lily of the valley, neroli and refreshed citrus. It will leave your skin smooth, soft, clean and without irritation.

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