We have carried out the AnTuTu test on the Xiaomi Mi 10 with excellent results.

We have been testing the terminal for a few days and the user experience has been very positive. The speed and power that this Xiaomi Mi 10 gives us dressed with the processor Qualcomm snapdragon 865 5G it is to be admired.

Xiaomi with this phone takes a step forward and is very close to the top of the range of other manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei or Samsung. We not only talk about the power of its processor but also about other variants as important as its camera (108MP), screen (90Hz) or design (curved screen).

The Xiaomi Mi 10 has achieved a score of 557848 points after taking the AnTuTu test. A score that raises it to the top of the list and makes it the most powerful terminal that has gone through it so far. The test has been performed with the 8GB version of RAM and 256GB of memory.

We leave you a small video of our YouTube channel where you can see the AnTuTu test of the Xiaomi Mi 10

Here you can see the AnTuTu list for the month of January 2020 where the Xiaomi Mi 10 with its 557848 points would be placed undisputed leader.

1-ROG Phone 2 (12+512)

  • 507051
2-OnePlus 7T (8+256)
  • 493154
3-realme X2 Pro (12+256)
  • 483651
4-OnePlus 7 Pro (8+256)
  • 472684
5-OnePlus 7 (8+256)
  • 467834
6-Samsung Note10 + (SDM855) (12+256)
  • 467180
7-Redmi K20 Pro Premium (12+512)
  • 462955
8-Samsung Note10 + (9825) (12+256)
  • 454500
9-Samsung Note10 (9825) (8+256)
  • 449922
10-Wed 9 (6+128)
  • 447988
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